Early Risers: Benefits of Morning Exercise

For 14 of my 17 years as a middle school teacher, I religiously awakened while it was still dark, and either went to the gym, went for a run outside, or worked out at home. The benefits of doing this far outweighed the occasional sleepiness I might have felt at around 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. Continue reading

Why Stress is Making You Fat

Why is it that some people carry a large proportion of their weight in their midsection while others do not? Is it just a “luck of the draw” kind of thing, or is there something that they are, or aren’t, doing that is causing them to retain fat in their bellies? The good news is, there are definitely things that can be done to prevent fat from accumulating in the gut, and the even better news is it has little to do with dieting and exercising more. Continue reading

Does Sunset Signal Your Diet’s Demise?

Does this sound familiar? You awaken with all the motivation in the world to eat healthy and make great food choices for the day. You cruise along effortlessly through your work day but something happens on the stressful commute home, and by the time you walk through the front door after 6:00, you are ready to eat any small animal that isn’t moving too fast for you to catch it. Continue reading

One Size Does Not Fit All

The South Beach Diet. How glamorous does that sound? I remember when I first heard about it 15 years ago I thought, how bad could it be? Gorgeous women, tan and fit, they wouldn’t want to starve themselves for their amazing bodies, right? I bought the book and was so pleasantly surprised to learn that not only could I eat bacon, cheese, and other high fat foods but I was encouraged. Are you kidding? Continue reading

Doughnuts, Recliners, and Shut Eye

In our country, sleep is not given the respect it deserves. Americans value working hard and often times that means going days with little to no sleep. It is seen as a badge of honor to get three or four hours a night of shut eye due to a work project or parenting a newborn, but few know the ramifications of these nights of restlessness and how it impacts not only your physical health but your emotional and mental health as well. Continue reading

The Power of Gratitude

A visit to my cousin Lin’s house ten years ago changed my life forever. My mom, sister, and I went for a three day stay when Lin lived in Corvalis, OR, and while we were there, Lin showed us a video that I had never heard of and didn’t know anything about. Continue reading