About Me

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Sixteen years old and sitting on the kitchen counter with the room filled with relatives. I jumped off the counter and when I landed with a thud, my uncle made a comment for everyone in the room to hear:

“Better be careful or you might break the floor next time you jump off the counter like that.”

I pretended to laugh it off, but this was the beginning of a downward spiral…

That one innocent comment struck a deep chord within me, and soon I had developed an eating disorder that would turn into a lifelong battle.

Although a constant challenge to deal with, my unhealthy focus on image and weight has proven to be a blessing because it has fueled my desire to help other women dealing with their own body image issues.

Just like me, these women desperately want to be healthy and happy with their bodies, but find life overwhelming. They “have to” care for everyone around them, so their own needs always come last.

This is especially true for teachers.

You see…

I was a middle school teacher for 17 years, so I know a great deal about wanting to, and needing to, keep control of all aspects of life.

Unfortunately, for many teachers, it is their personal life and their own health that gets put on the back burner far too often. Teachers feel compelled to be there for hundreds of students, parents, fellow teachers, and the list goes on.

Now, my mission is to provide guidance, structure, motivation, and support to overworked teachers who ARE BECOMING better teachers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, and mamas as they learn to take care of their own health.

The end result:

My teacher clients feel more focused and clear-headed. They have more energy to get through their school day. And best of all, they are able to open their closet with confidence every morning, because they know they are going to look amazing in whatever outfit they choose.

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