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Workout In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Sometimes your days are just so busy that you are lucky to find five minutes for yourself, let alone a chunk of time to go to the gym for a workout. Consequently, your needs and desire get pushed aside for everyone else's and you end up frustrated and out of shape.

In order for you to feel your best and keep yourself moving in a positive direction, I have created these workouts so you can incorporate them into your day and most take only 20 minutes. All you need is your computer or phone, an interval timer app on your phone (here is what I use), your yoga mat, and some water, and you are good to go.

Give Yourself this Gift ...

You always put others' needs ahead of your own and as a result, you end up short changing yourself and your needs. By using these quick, effective workouts at home, you will be more efficient with your time, feel better about yourself for giving your body what it needs, and will be a better wife, mother, girlfriend, or friend, because you have taken care of yourself before taking care of others. 

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Long Interval Workout - 20 minutes

Warm up:

Spinal Articulation (stop when she starts doing bridges)

Exercises( done for 45 seconds with 15 second transition); repeat three rounds; each exercise is linked to a demonstration video:

Standing Elbow to Knee


Football Shuffle

Half Burpees

Dolphin Push ups

Mountain Climbers

Cool Down:

Cat/cow stretches

Child’s pose


Combination Workout

This workout combines both video segments as well as working with your timer on your own. Preview the videos and have them ready to go so your transitions are smooth and seamless. 

Bridges- video

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second transition:


Football Shuffle

Double Pump (45 seconds on each leg with 15 rest in between)

Butt Blaster - video

Obliques All Day

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second transition; repeat rounds 3 times.


Overhead extension (do each side for 45 seconds)

Dolphin Push-ups

Elbow to Knee Touch

Alternating Standing Elbow to Knee

Pilates Bicycle

Half Burpees


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