Understand WHY You Overeat, and Be Free From Emotional Eating

Stop focusing on what you eat, and instead see the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about yourself and how much you eat.

I'm Kristin Jones and I am a life coach who specializes in helping emotional eaters learn the why behind their eating, and assist them in changing their relationship with food so it is no longer an issue. My coaching programs will show you a completely new way of addressing weight loss and your relationship with food....and yourself.

Is This You?

Keto, Weight Watchers, Paleo, or low carb...you have tried them all, but the end result is always the same. You lose weight through sheer willpower, but the moment you return to anything that remotely looks like your previous eating patterns, the weight starts to creep back on.

You know there is something deeper going on, an emotional component that is driving you to seek comfort and relief from food, but you are at a loss as to what it is, let alone, what to do about it.

After years of struggle, you are ready to put your sword down, start showing yourself more love, and figure out how to reach your ideal weight without all of the drama associated with dieting.

You want to lose weight so you...

Thought about

Weight Watchers

But the idea of waling around

all day counting points gave

you anxiety. You are ready to let

go of the obsessive thoughts

about food and what you are




And you know so many people

who have lost weight this way.

But you also know just as many

who have gained it back plus

more. You know you mentally

can't go through that again.

Even Contemplated

Weight Loss Surgery

But in your heart vou know that

your weight is WAY MORE than

just having a smaller stomach.

You know you must address

the mental side of weight loss

but you don't know how.

There Is Another Way

Meet Julie, who has been overweight her entire life. She knew there were deeper issues going on that were causing her to keep her weight on and not care about herself as much as she knew she should.


Getting to this point wasn't easy.

It was a scary proposition to leave my secure job as a middle school teacher to start an online fitness business.

When I started out as a new fitness coach, I thought the way to help people lose weight was the traditional route of diet and exercise-focused programming.

There were so many fitness "experts" that were getting people incredible results and had more clients than they know what to do with.

Why wasn't it working for me?

But then, I started seeing an issue, not only with my clients, but also with me.

Why couldn't any of us stay committed to a diet plan for more than a week or two without a "cheat" day?

And if we did make it to the end of the plan, why did we celebrate by eating something indulgent and go right back to our previous eating habits?



I started doubting myself.

I started questioning myself as a coach.

Could I really help people at all if I was still knee-deep in my own

emotional eating prison?

I had spent so much of my life battling my "weight", when in reality

what I was really wrestling with was my own self-image and

poor self-esteem.

Nothing in my business was going to change until I addressed

that….but I wasn't ready yet. So I continued to search for the

solution that would help my clients be successful.


I had watched my dad eat for my entire life, and his

weight NEVER flucuated more than 5 pounds!

What was his secret?

Eat What You Love and Stop When Satisfied!



  • No more food obsession

  • Eat food like everyone else

  • Clearer thinking

  • More energy

  • Reduced anxiety with food

  • Renewed joy in life

  • Feel more confident

  • Stronger belief in self

Let me show you that it's possible

without dieting...

Coaching Programs

Stop Dieting/Start Feeling Online Course

Designed for emotional eaters seeking liberation from destructive habits. By unraveling the psychology behind emotional eating and providing practical strategies for lasting change, this course transforms lives, fostering a healthier relationship with food and instilling a newfound sense of self-confidence and empowerment.

Breakthrough To You 1:1 Coaching

Release weight, once and for all, by ending the restrict/binge cycle, and

eating the foods you love. Use the power of your brain to give up restricting food to lose weight, learnto trust yourself, and unlock the key to permanent weight loss

Check Out My Podcast....The Breakthrough Emotional Eating Podcast

Wondering what your next step should be?

A fabulous first step for you is to get my Stop Dieting Guide and realize there is an option besides punishing yourself with another diet that makes you feel. restricted, deprived, and sets you up for failure. Instead, learn what hundreds of women are doing to better understand how their brain works, take care of themselves with love and compassion, and that the answer to ending emotional eating is not about food, but instead about your feelings. Click below and get it NOW!

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